A Ra Lai Mi Thla 6 Chung Kawlram Phaisa Lut A Tla Rih Lai

A Ra Lai Mi Thla 6 Chung Kawlram Phaisa Lut A Tla Rih Lai


Ralhrangbu vice senior general Soe Win nih covid-19 ruangah chawlehnak zeimawzat a tlak hlei ah ngunkhuai le kaadang in a lut mi phaisa zong a tlak caah a ra lai mi thla 6 chung cu phaisa a lut mi a hniam rih lai tiah August 24 planning and finance ministry office ah tuah mi meeting ah a chim.


Ralhrangbu atu hi caan karlak thla 6 budget 2021 October 1 in 2022 March 31 tiang cu ceihkhan lio a si i, mah thla 6 chungah regular in a herh mi le thil sernak sehzung hna tha tein a kal khawhnak ding, covid-19 caah hman ding le chawlehnak caah ramleng in tangka cawih le ramleng bawmhnak he tuah ding caah a herh mi hna a tel tiah ralhrangbu thawngzamnak nih a langhter.


Hmuh mi le hman ding budget estimate le tax he pehtlaihmi upadi hna cu a sikhawh chungin ser a hau mi a si tikah caan karlak thla 6 chung hman ding budget estimate hi ceihkhan mi a si tiah ralhrangbu nih a chim.


Ralhrangbu nih NLD chan lio a rak hman mi financial year (October 1 in September 30) cu April 1 in March 31 ah thlen a timh lio a si.

Ref; bbc

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