Chinmi Chungin Hlasakthiam Van Hlei Sung Nih Lai Pasal Tha An Thih Nak Kong He Pehtlai In A Lungfahnak Mah Ti Hin A Van Langhter

Chinmi chungin Hlasak thiam kan i ngieh mi Nungak Van Hlei Sung nih Mah ti bak hin kan lai Pasal ttha minung pa 3 an thihnak kong he peh tlai in a lungfah nak a van langhter ve….

I could write so many different paragraphs about my anger towards these fucking terrorists. Especially Min Aung Hlaing. it all starts from him! I’m fuming and full of rage. They have taken away my Chin brothers. I have not felt such anger and sadness YET!

I knew Ttial Chawn. We shared the same stage in Hriphi. He was a talented musician and a great sportsman. How dare they take his life! They have taken away SO MANY talented YOUTH! They had PLANS/future. They have FAMILIES. They have LOVERS. They have FRIENDS. THEY HAVE/HAD PURPOSSES. All taken away meaninglessly. When are they going to stop!?

thawngpang dang relchap : Sivai Bomb Ruang ah CDF-Mindat in Mino Pakhat a Nunnak a Liam Than
SAC ralhrang nih Sivai Bomb (Chemical Bomb) in CDF-Mindat an kah hna ruang ah minung 3 cu sivai hliam an keng i cu chung ah cun minung pakhat June 6 ah a nunnak a liam, tiah theih a si. Mindat peng hmun 2 ah CDF-Mindat le SAC ralhrang karlak ah kahdohnak a fak ngai i SAC ralhrang lei nih ralhriam nganngan an hman pin ah UN nih a khammi Chemical Bomb tiang in an hman hi a si.

Nihin chun ah SAC ralhrang nih vanlawng zong an thlah i Mindat peng chung ah ngiathlainak an tuah cuahmah. “SAC ralhrang pawl bu 2 ah an i tthen i ralzaam pawl umnak hmunhma lei ah an rak naih,” tiah Mindat mipi uknak lei bu nih thawngpang an chuah. The Chin Journal

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